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Meadow Brook Musings              
By John Callaghan          

I got four wrong (out of 60) on the English 10 Semester Common Assessment (all 10th graders in the district must take the test, the results of which have to count at least 80% of the semester exam grade). I felt dumb. Read More>>>
Recommend a Teacher
for the Summer Institute       
By Mary Cox                     

Take a moment to reflect back on your Summer Institute. What did you learn? Who did you meet? How did the experience change your teaching? This was, I hope, a positive experience. Now think about someone you know who is a master teacher and who would enjoy and learn from such an experience. Read More>>>
Youth Half-Day Writing Workshops
By Rebecca Rivard                

Investment in writing is second nature to Meadow Brook Writing Project graduates; I would like you to consider endowing that gift to someone else. The MBWP and Oakland University are sponsoring half-day, genre specific workshops for children in grades 2-5 on several Saturdays this year. Read More>>>
Make Plans to Attend Our Annual
Side by Side Symposium
By Laura Gabrion                 

The Side by Side Symposium, the brainchild of our own Kathleen Reddy-Butkovich, will be held this year on Saturday, May 8 at the Macomb Intermediate School District. Historically, the symposium has created an opportunity for teachers to share teaching ideas and strategies, working side by side with other teachers, K-University. This year will be no different. Read More>>>
The Elsa and Ingrid Scholarship for
Young Authors and Artists                  
By Cornelia Pokrzywa                      

Siblings of children battling life-threatening illnesses live in challenging circumstances that include great emotional and financial demands on the entire family. In an effort to provide an inspiring, creative opportunity without additional financial demands on their families, the Meadow Brook Writing Project will offer a scholarship that covers full tuition for one child to attend the Young Writers Camp in any of the 2010 sessions. Read More>>>

By Lori Ostergaard                      

The annual meeting of the National Writing Project was abuzz with talk of VoiceThread. Now, for me, the joy of attending the annual meeting every year is discovering, once again, that I simply know nothing about teaching with technology. Read More>>>
Notes from the National Writing Projects
of Michigan Directors Meeting
By Mary Cox                                  

These are notes from the January 29, 2010, Board of Directors of National Writing Projects of Michigan meeting. This information is FYI for most TC's, and some is for leadership team members, but everyone should read these notes in order to keep up with the various movements affecting our state and our work. Read More>>>
Winter 2010
Volume 2, Issue 1
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March 27, 2010
The 2nd Annual Motown Word Fest will be held at Chippewa Valley High School on Saturday, March 27th, beginning at 1 p.m. This year student poets and musicians will share the stage with special guests LaShaun Phoenix Moore, Black Hat, Pandora's Box (featuring fellow NWP member Mauriya Kaye), Olga Kleckner. For more information, contact John Jeffire

April 17
Authors in grades 2-5 should plan to attend our Science Fiction Writing Half-Day Workshop. Contact Rebecca Rivard for details.

May 8

The Side by Side Symposium will be held this year at the Macomb Intermediate School District.

June 28-July 30, 2010

Sign your young author up for one of our Youth Writing Camps, which are held at the beautiful Meadow Brook Hall and Gardens. For more information visit: Youth Writing Camps on the MBWP website.

July 5-30, 2010

We are now now accepting applications and nominations for participation in our 2010 Invitational Summer Institute for teachers to be held at Oakland University. More information about the ISI is available here. To apply online, go here.

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