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Monday, September 30, 2013 - Performance Management Mid-Cycle Goals
During the months of October and November, employees and supervisors should meet to discuss progress they’ve made toward reaching the goals they set when the performance cycle began on April 1, 2013. Employees should record comments regarding mid-cycle goals in the Total Employee and Management Source (TEAMS) System.

It is important to remember that performance management has a solid, positive impact on both individual and university success. It does this by fostering open communication between employees and supervisors, as well as by establishing a mutual understanding of what is acceptable job performance. This is essential for all work relationships to thrive.

Along these lines, the following are ideas to keep in mind while participating in the goal review process.
  • Incorporate university and departmental values into your overall work performance. Creating specific goals provides a sense of purpose and guides the way in which your work should be accomplished.
  • Key ingredients of an effective performance management process are the conversations that take place between you and your supervisor. Plan to engage in continuous dialogue and partnership around issues that matter most to your department and the university as a whole.
  • People respond favorably to positive feedback and coaching. While it is important to document performance within the performance management system, it is also important to communicate on a day-to-day basis. Look for opportunities to provide positive feedback, and then follow up with coaching on behaviors or performance issues that require improvement.
  • Goals may be modified during the performance year based on new priorities to ensure that the department’s objectives are met. This is a time to ensure that current goals are reflective of University and departmental needs.
  • If your work performance could be improved with additional training, consider that University Human Resources offers a variety of educational opportunities on Skillsoft, an online learning environment. You can take advantage of these services at You can also contact Training Manager Vicki Larabell for other guidance suggestions.
  • After completing the employee comments on mid-cycle goal attainment, submit the evaluation to the supervisor. The supervisor may add their comments and submit the evaluation back to the employee. The evaluation should not be sent to HR at this mid-cycle point in time.
A comprehensive website containing the link to the TEAMS system and other helpful tools is available at Specific information on SMART Goal Setting is available at

Training sessions for new hires or for those who would like a refresher course on Performance Management or the TEAMS system are scheduled for Monday, October 21 and Tuesday, November 12. Those interested in attending either session should visit the Training Enrollment page to sign up.

Those who are unable to attend a scheduled training session or who have questions about them should contact Gail Ryckman at ext. 3480 or, or Tracey Zang at ext. 3480 or