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Wednesday, August 29, 2012 - The Payroll Misc. Pay Form for Staff Employees - New Online Form
The payroll Misc. Pay Form for staff employees, which used to be a five-part printed form, is now an online form. This form is used by the payroll office to process Event Pay for employees. Event Pay includes:
  1. Athletic events
  2. Musical performances
  3. Part-time salaried employees working additional hours
  4. DAPCEP payments
  5. Certain awards
The new online form will be available through the OU WEB Forms at the following link:

The layout of the new form is similar to the Banner Access Forms and University Human Resources (UHR) Change of Status Form. In addition to the approval signatures that were required on the old form, all new forms must also be approved by UHR. The following is the required approval process:Submitter
  1. Unit or academic department
  2. Department administrator or academic dean
  3. Vice president or designee – not required for athletic events, musical performances or part-time salaried employees working additional hours
  4. Grants – if applicable
  5. University Human Resources
  6. Budget – not required for auxiliary funds
  7. Payroll
Approval routing instructions are included on the form; however, please keep this notice for future reference. The following are instructions for completing the form:
  1. Enter the G# of the employee to be paid. The name, phone and unit name will automatically populate.
  2. Enter the ORG # and the originating department will automatically populate.
  3. Enter the Fund # and the fund title will automatically populate.
  4. The pay rate and hours worked are optional, but should be entered if known.
  5. Enter the total amount to be paid.
  6. Enter the reason for the misc. pay (description of work performed and dates worked). Attach backup documentation, whenever possible.
  7. Follow the instructions on the form (also listed above) to submit or approve the form and route it to the next person or department.
  8. Those with questions should contact the Payroll Office at (248) 370-3034.