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Monday, April 30, 2012 - Career Development – New Form – New Process – for Staff Requests Only
Recently, the career development application has gone through some major changes. As reported in December, 2011, new guidelines were created to insure that we are in compliance with IRS regulations and eligibility requirements per the various collective bargaining agreements or AP manual. The new “Taxability Guidelines” are available online at

The changes required a new application form to be created. The new form will be used by employees, their dependent children, spouses, other qualified adults and children of other qualified adults. Because the length of the form has increased, it behooved us to make the form an online process. Beginning with Summer Session 1, UHR will begin using the new online career development application. The new application is now available and can be accessed at:

Some key points of the new process for staff are the following:
  • Employees applying for career development for themselves will start the process then route the application to their immediate supervisor via e-mail. Their supervisor will then route the application to
  • Dependents, spouses, other qualified adults and dependents of other qualified adults will have to start the application process, enter their student information and course data information, sign the agreement, and then route the application to the employee claiming their dependency. The employee will then route the application to
  • Applications are ONLY being accepted for SU1 and SU2 at this time. Fall applications will not be accepted until after the SU2 session starts.
  • Incomplete applications will be returned using the routing system. Please ensure applications are complete before submitting them.
Additional information is available by contacting Tracey Zang at X3480.