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Monday, April 23, 2012 - 2 of 10, LLC, receives Michigan Pre-Seed Micro-Loan

With the aid of the Macomb-OU INCubator, 2 of 10, LLC, has secured a Michigan Pre-Seed Micro-Loan from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) for their new Constant Companion concealed weapons clothing line. 2 of 10, LLC, is a Michigan Limited Liability Company founded in 2009 by Brandon Trevino, for the purpose of research, development and commercialization of innovative concealed carry products for the Homeland Security, Defense and professional law enforcement market. After dozens of prototypes and years of testing, 2 of 10, LLC, has developed proprietary designs that allow the user to comfortably conceal a department-issued duty weapon and provide rapid access.

"We were impressed with Brandon Trevino, his strong military background and unique start-up business model from the first day we met with him. Our assumptions about Brandon and his company were validated time and again as we worked through the detail of the Micro-Loan application process,” said Mike Brennan, Macomb-OU INCubator’s Business Commercialization and Capital Investment Advisor. “We look forward to assisting Brandon in his continued efforts to develop and grow his company, including his next round of funding as needed."

The Constant Companion concealment system is a specially tailored pair of trousers designed to provide comfortable and secure concealment of most handguns, allowing for a natural, unrestricted, one-handed draw through the front pocket. It allows the wearer to carry a deeply concealed firearm without compromising on stopping power, comfort, speed of access to the firearm, risk of accidental exposure, or caliber. It is possible to grip the handgun in a concealed manner without prematurely revealing the firearm. Once the critical need arises, the low cut pocket allows the wearer to draw the firearm much faster than from a traditional hip holster.

The Michigan Pre-Seed Capital Fund Micro-Loan Program was formed for Michigan’s SmartZones to support high-tech high-growth start-up companies as they near viability. The focus is on technologies in advanced automotive, manufacturing and materials; alternative energy; homeland security and defense; and life sciences. To meet the funding criteria, companies must be located in Michigan; have the rights to innovative technology, or be seeking a strong IP position; be pre-revenue; and have potential for rapid growth and sales over $10 million annually in five years. The submission package from the company must include a business plan and a separate financial workbook.

This Pre-Seed Micro-Loan will be used within 2 of 10, LLC, for initial production and launch, and expansion, including inventory production, e-commerce, 3PL, marketing, legal, working capital and product line extension.