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Wednesday, February 29, 2012 - Payroll Updates
Beginning in 2012, there is a new overtime time sheet available for Clerical Technical (CT) employees.  Here is the link to the new CT Overtime Time Sheet located on the payroll website:

The first tab of the spreadsheet is instructions, and the second tab is the time sheet.

The new time sheet will calculate the following for each week overtime hours are worked: 

  • Total hours for the week
  • Total hours considered actually worked (including holiday hours)
  • Total leave hours, such as vacation, sick, and personal
  • Total additional hours paid at straight time
  • Total overtime hours paid at time and one-half

NOTE:  Holiday hours will be considered “worked” hours for overtime calculation.  No other paid time will qualify as hours worked.

Whenever the total hours for a week is greater than 40 hours, the time sheet will check to see how many of the total hours were “worked” hours and how many were “leave” hours.  “Worked” hours that are greater than 40 hours in a given week will be paid at time and one-half.  Additional hours worked in a week that includes “leave” hours will be paid at straight time until “worked” hours are greater than 40 hours.

The “Miscellaneous Pay Form/Clerical Technical Overtime” form can no longer be used for submitting CT overtime.  This form is currently being reviewed and will be revised in the future.

CT overtime will now be recorded on both the new hourly CT overtime time sheet and on the monthly leave report.  Hours entered on both sheets should accurately reflect the actual hours worked.

The CT overtime time sheet must be submitted to the payroll office by the due dates listed on the hourly payroll calendar, which is available on the payroll website:

Please contact payroll,, if you have any questions.