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Friday, February 24, 2012 - Lean Green Belt Certificate Offered at Macomb-OU INCubator

The Macomb-Oakland University INCubator is offering the Green Belt Certificate April 30-June 21, 2012, as part of the OU Lean Diversification Program.

The lean philosophy focuses on developing excellence and innovation by identifying what is of highest value to stakeholders and customers, and then allocating resources to achieve these goals while eliminating waste.

This program aims to educate business professionals on the aspects of lean principles that can be applied to their business internally in order to make their organization ready for diversification. More specifically, new ways of thinking will be introduced, including streamlining processes, maximizing success, developing employees, impacting financial measures, and improving customer satisfaction and value.

The main benefits of the Green Belt Certificate Program include the ability to tackle targeted concerns within a company’s value stream or operations, apply lean principles to focused areas of the business and recommend ideas for culture change.

Because it is an INCubator program, the target audience is management or identified change agents of companies in Macomb, Wayne, or Oakland counties in the defense, homeland security, aerospace or manufacturing-related industries. Also of note are companies that are heavily reliant on a specific industry or select products and are seeking diversification options. Companies that fit within these criteria can apply for fully grant-subsidized spots within the program.

However, the Green Belt Certificate Program is not limited to this population and will be an asset to any business seeking to improve their operations through the use of lean principles.

The Green Belt Program is run by industry professionals, including Debra Setman, founder and lead adviser of Arbed Solutions and co-founder of Michigan Lean Consortium, and Ravi Lote, global operations manager for Production Modeling Corporation.

Included are 42 hours of classroom and online time, with an average of one day per week in the classroom, a one day benchmarking visit for a lean assessment, and four weeks of no class for participants to complete their individualized projects. Regular scheduled sessions run from 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

Grant-subsidized spots are available for qualified companies for the full tuition amount of $600. For more information, visit, or contact the Pawley Institute at (586) 884-9328 or