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Thursday, June 02, 2011 - Contributions add up to transform business education

The School of Business Administration at OU is dedicated to creating a dynamic intellectual and social environment for our next generation of business leaders. And every contribution -- large or small -- combines to create an environment that allows the SBA to transform business education to continue creating an outstanding curriculum, recruiting and retaining expert faculty, and supporting students through scholarships and outstanding learning opportunities.


"We'd like to take this time to recognize and thank the donors who have made financial commitments to the SBA, sharing their excitement and belief in the SBA's goals and their passion for educating our students -- future business leaders," says Robin Michel, director development, SBA.


"We're excited to share this list of donors from our 2009-10 fiscal year here," she adds. "The list recognizes their support, but it doesn't convey our appreciation for impact they are making in furthering business education and impacting the lives of students."

Scholarship recipients certainly appreciate the investment donors make in their education.

For example, at the SBA's 40th Anniversary celebration, then SBA senior marketing major Kaja Mitevska took the podium to thank donors, "Although I’m grateful for the financial burden lifted off of my shoulders, to me receiving a scholarship is not just about the money. A college education is expensive and therefore hundreds of people apply for the same scholarships. My firm belief is when a scholarship recipient is chosen, they not only receive a monetary reward, but also encouragement from a company, organization or individual that they’re on the right path.

"I’ve spoken to several scholarship recipients and we all agree that no matter how hard a class may seem or how tired we are from being involved in so much, we keep pushing through because the least we can do is our absolute best in every aspect of our lives as a thank you to the people that are financially supporting us," says Mitevska, who now works as a sales support associate for Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories, a growing manufacturer and distributor of generic pharmaceutical products.

"So on behalf of all of the past and present scholarship recipients I'd like to say thank you. Thank you for allowing us to obtain a college education and thank you for your continued encouragement. Please know that every dollar makes a significant difference in someone's life and every dollar helps support a student toward a bigger and brighter future." (Click here for an excerpt of her remarks.)


Everyone can make a difference

Key to the future of the SBA’s continued transformation is the ongoing involvement and support of SBA alumni, partners and friends. Anyone can become part of the excitement involved in transforming the SBA. Whether it's through sharing insights, talents or treasures, the SBA welcomes your involvement.


"I invite anyone interested in getting involved in the SBA to consider the level that is meaningful to them, then contact me so together we can make it happen," says Michel.


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