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Tuesday, February 01, 2011 - OU professors awarded Pawley Institute Fellowships
The Oakland University Pawley Lean Institute is proud to announce the awarding of the Pawley Institute Dennis and Carlotta Pawley Endowment for Lean Learning in the form of four Pawley Institute Fellowships to OU professors.

The recipients are Mark Doman, visiting assistant professor in Human Resource Development; Bob Van Til, professor in Industrial and Systems Engineering; Shannon Flumerfelt, associate professor in Educational Leadership; and Gene Fliedner, associate professor of Operations Management within the Decision and Information Science department.

The fellowships were awarded in support of research that will advance knowledge and theories of Lean learning as well as to facilitate the work of university faculty to educate students about Lean principles.

The proposals were reviewed by Mohan Tanniru, dean of the School of Business Administration; Louay Chamra, dean of the School of Engineering and Computer Science; Louis Gallien, dean of the School of Education and Human Service; Mary Otto, vice president of Outreach; and Edward Sosnowski, chair of the Pawley Institute Advisory Board.

The fellowship recipients were recognized at a reception at Meadow Brook Hall on March 15. At the reception, recipients and attendees met and discussed ideas for reaching the goals of the collaborative project.

The award, which was originally proposed as a single professorship, was expanded into a team of fellowships, with each dean donating funds so that multiple projects could receive backing.

According to the reviewers, each proposal adds to the Pawley Institute initiative, and together these projects represent a fuller picture of the Institute’s vision than any one alone.

The award provides $15,000 to the four individuals.

The team will include the following projects:
  • Education (gaming, electronic book, etc.)
  • Research (contrast the role of Lean in support of both efficiency and innovation by effectively synthesizing the role of process, people and technology) 
  • Outreach (especially smaller firms where both efficiency and agility/innovation are key for their success)
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