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Wednesday, June 25, 2014 - June 2014 Newsletter: Client News: "LogiCoul Solutions Progresses with Award, Presentation, Lease Agreement"
LogiCoul Solutions was recently selected as one of the top 20 companies, out of over 275 submissions, at the MiQuest emerging business plan competition finals. This qualified LogiCoul Solutions to present to a broad variety of investors and entrepreneurs at the MiQuest finals, as well as network at the Michigan Capital Growth Symposium following the competition.

In addition, LogiCoul Solutions presented their battery improvement results at the PlugVolt conference held at NextEnergy in Detroit. They also recently signed a lease agreement with Mac-OU INC, and are now on-site clients of the Macomb-OU INCubator. Welcome to the building!

LogiCoul Solutions has developed a unique, proprietary, patent-pending technology called Interfacial Process Stimulation (IPS), which improves the performance of a rechargeable battery without modification to the battery itself. Normal battery-operating performance is insufficient for today's high-demand applications due to the low percentage of the full energy potential in the battery that is utilized during discharge. LogiCoul's laboratory test results demonstrate significant performance improvements for 95 percent of the rechargeable battery applications, regardless of battery chemistry.

The LogiCoul test data shows that IPS lowers battery impedance which translates into 25 to 45 percent more usable energy from the battery during a single discharge cycle. The LogiCoul Solutions process will mean more usage for today's power-hungry smartphones before they lose power and greater range for electric vehicles currently on the road.

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