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Wednesday, January 29, 2014 - January 2014 Newsletter: Mac-OU INC Events: "State of Michigan Green Belt Programs in 2013 a Success"
The Macomb-OU INCubator's Lean Diversification Green Belt certificate program was chosen, through a competitive bid process, as the official State of Michigan Lean training program. Endorsed by the Michigan Lean Consortium, the program is intended for business managers looking to develop excellence, nurture innovation, efficiently allocate resources and eliminate waste.

“Things went well with the Lean Green Belt training, we now have an additional 50 continuous improvement champions in State government that are starting to make a difference in re-inventing Michigan. Debra and Leon did a great job, as did all of the coaches that volunteered a lot of their time to mentor the students,” Jim Willems of the State of Michigan Department of Technology, Management & Budget and SOM Green Belt liaison to Mac-OU INC, says.

“I sat through some of the presentation from each of the rounds and it was exhilarating to witness the excitement that the participants demonstrated as it related to the success of their projects. Most saw that they could really make a difference and also involved several other employees in their efforts, raising the awareness of Lean concepts and continuous improvement to many more than just the class participants.”

The Lean Green Belt certificate program is set to continue at the State of Michigan in 2014. We look forward to working with these enthusiastic State employees once again!

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