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Monday, December 16, 2013 - 2013 Book Review: "Today Matters: 12 Daily Practices to Guarantee Tomorrow's Success" by John C. Maxwell
"We exaggerate yesterday, overestimate tomorrow and ultimately, underestimate today." "Today Matters," by John C. Maxwell, addresses this problem with daily disciplines. These disciplines are categorized by the 12 concepts of attitude, priorities, health, family, thinking, commitment, finances, faith, relationships, generosity, values and growth.

Each chapter is devoted to one of the concepts listed above and includes a description, thoughts for reflection and exercises. There are many inspirational stories and fun facts to keep the book interesting and to make these concepts more applicable to real world situations.

One very powerful concept included is how attitude affects productivity. Maxwell states numerous ways in which the confident person finds opportunity while the pessimist invites negativity. Not only does our attitude affect our mood or how others perceive us, but also having a positive attitude will be motivating and inspiring to others and actually change their mood and productivity. This concept is vital for personal productivity as well as team productivity, making it extremely useful advice for anyone involved in management.

"Today Matters" is rare in that it not only promises to change one's life but it also delivers. However, Maxwell could have delivered on this promise without so many unnecessary stories that drag the book out. Often times the concepts are explained, supported and then explained again.