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Monday, December 16, 2013 - 2013 Book Review: "Making Ideas Happen" by Scott Belsky
As many creative professionals may already know, ideas tend to be a dime a dozen. The real value a creator can bring to the table is follow-through on those ideas. But how do we, as entrepreneurs and inventors, go about turning these ideas into reality? That is exactly what is covered in the book "Making Ideas Happen" by Scott Belsky.

Belsky explains that in order to make an idea happen, one must be willing to rearrange his or her life in order to provide an atmosphere and lifestyle that is conducive to productivity. It must be understood that in order create; one must make time to create. Though this theme is common in many books that deal with productivity, there is still enough supplemental information to make this a worthwhile read.

The real value is in the many smaller concepts and guidelines that are sprinkled throughout the book. For example, one great tip Belsky gives is to act quickly, because the biggest threat to ideas is other ideas. More specifically, entrepreneurs often will fall into a cycle of simply developing ideas, as opposed to actually completing these ideas. As an entrepreneur, I can absolutely relate to this. Often times I will be set on completing something and then change my mind when I believe I have found something better to focus my time on. Acting quickly and focusing time and energy into an idea will give that person a vested interest in completing that single project. Another vital piece of information is that it is advantageous for the creator to explain his or her idea to trusted friends and family. In doing so, the creator is more likely to be held accountable.

Overall this book was a great read. The author hit the nail on the head, with what types of problems entrepreneurs actually face. Though at times the book may be slow, it is made up for with the vast amounts of useful information.