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Thursday, December 12, 2013 - Unclassified NATO Meeting Held at OU INC

To fulfill its NATO obligations, the US participates in several ways, including the Land Capability Group Land Engagement (LCGLE). Participating nations are tasked with standardization in order to improve interoperability of land engagement assets among allies.

The US Army TARDEC hosted an unclassified NATO meeting with participating NATO nations at the Oakland University Incubation Center 17-20 September. The objective of this session was to continue the development of standards for the performance leveling of Defensives Aid Suites (DAS), commonly referred to as Active Protection in the U.S. This activity is covered in STANAG 4686. The objective of this meeting was to further define the methodology for assigning performance leveling to Active Protection Systems for the purpose of future selection by our NATO allies. The Team of Experts is comprised of designated Government officials from each participating nation. The U.S. Head of Delegation Authority for 4686 resides with U.S. Army TARDEC at the Detroit Arsenal in Warren, MI.