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Thursday, December 12, 2013 - Advancing Michigan's Energy Forum

 On September 30, 2013, OU INC hosted the Advancing Michigan’s Energy Forum. The forum, put together in collaboration with Michigan Energy Michigan Jobs, hosted a number of speakers who discussed various energy topics, energy situations and the future of energy use in the state.

These speakers included Dianne Byrum, former Democratic leader of the Michigan House of Representatives and partner at Byrum and Fisk Communications, Steve Bakkal, Director of the Michigan Energy Office, Joshua Brugeman, Director of Energy Efficiency at Next Energy, and Jim Leidel, Director of Clean Energy Systems at OU INC.

Opportunities for growth in both energy efficiency and energy product manufacturing are apparent in the state, according to Steve Bakkal. Bakkal believes that through incubators and accelerators, small businesses can create products in an inexpensive and efficient way.

Dianne Byrum also spoke about the way that Michigan can play a part in finding new ways to utilize and create alternative energy devices. She said: “[Michigan businesses have] access to excess manufacturing opportunities in this new and emerging market.” The unused production spaces and factories around the state, Byrum explained, are opportune spaces for energy innovators to develop new products.