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Wednesday, November 20, 2013 - November 2013 Newsletter: Client News: The Metiss Group: Seeking a Business Development Executive
The Metiss Group is seeking a Business Development Executive. This position requires calling on business owners and senior executives in The Metiss Group network, as well as generating new contacts, locally and throughout the continental United States (very little overnight travel required).

The Metiss Group provides the tools to remove unpredictability and optimize performance. This team of “Behavior Experts at Work” relies on behavioral science to solve common workplace dysfunction. Whether it is hiring frustrations, underperforming teams, disharmony among the leadership team or disappointing sales, behavioral science is at the root of both the cause and the cure for what ails growing companies. The Metiss Group has spent over 20 years perfecting proven processes that empower success at every level of an organization.

EVP, Business Development Accountabilities:

The ideal candidate will demonstrate:
  • A determined focus on results, not just activities
  • An ability to speak comfortably to senior leaders, individually and in groups
  • The ability to initiate new relationships AND nurture lasting genuine partnerships with clients
  • An ability to be a creative problem solver
  • A passion for learning and personal development
  • An efficient use of resources and focus on profitability
  • A well-balanced approach to the world in which they operate: an ability to see the big picture well, which buttons and levers to push and pull in order to get desired results, and the impact of/on people involved
  • A very strong critical thinking ability
  • A really good sense of humor with a desire to be affiliated with a great team
Relationship Management: 30%
  • Nurture long-term/strategic relationships
  • Develop strategies for content delivery touches
  • Develop strategic vision for each client
  • Manage client expectations
  • Handle escalated collection issues
  • Facilitate hand off to content experts
  • Participate in initial client services
  • Conduct gap analysis for new service delivery 
  • Develop multiple client entry points
Success Factors
  • Demonstrated no “one and done” customer activity
  • Multiple client entry points were established
  • Age of A/R was less than 30 days
  • Strategic plan was in place for each client
  • Obtained positive feedback from content experts
  • No avoidable surprises arose
  • Achieved $200K in sales revenue
Prospecting: 40%

  • Keep personal contacts warm, reach out to current rolodex
  • Source new companies (cold call)
  • Develop and follow-up on leads
  • Qualify leads based on TMG fit
  • Look for strategic partnerships
Success Factors
  • Minimal number of leads were rejected due to TMG fit
  • Demonstrated ROI for network sourcing
  • Demonstrated ROI for prospecting investment
Client Acquisition: 20%
  • Own and execute proposal process i.e. present, revise and follow up
  • Use decision maker’s debrief as a sales tool
  • Develop and maintain TMG knowledge for sales
  • Uncover client “pains” and “define illness” (perform clientoscopy)
  • Determine initial client service offering
  • Close sale
Success Factors
  • Achieved $100K in new client sales
  • One high potential sale per month was closed
  • Proposals were turned around within a reasonable timeframe
  • Professional, accurate and complete business proposals were developed
Team TMG: 10%

  • Develop/execute annual sales plan
  • Update CRM/build “play bill”
  • Manage expense report, travel and calendar
  • Leverage technology
  • Attend TMG meetings
  • Live TMG core values
  • Demonstrate personal and professional development
  • Demonstrate active participation in relevant associations
  • Participate fully in learning TMG client offerings
Success Factors
  • Sales plan was developed and adopted
  • CRM was updated daily
  • Effective use of technology was demonstrated
  • Meetings were attended on time, prepared and engaged
  • Knowledge of TMG sales offerings was demonstrated
  • Personal and professional development was demonstrated
  • TMG core values were adopted and demonstrated
Interested parties should contact Cyndi Gave, president of The Metiss Group, at with a resume and expression of interest.