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Monday, October 28, 2013 - October 2013 Newsletter: Client News: KTISIS: "Seeking Junior Engineer"
Position: Engineer
Hours: 40 hours per week minimum
Qualification: 1 to 3 years of related experience
Service Terms: Full-time position
Opening Availability: Immediate
Report To: Technical Director
To Apply:

  • Custom racing engine, chassis, machinery, and product design and analysis using metals, composites, and plastics.
  • Engine and vehicle sub-systems simulation and analysis.
  • Engineering, industrial, and market research to support new product development and sales.
  • Follow management and project scope to interact with internal teams, clients, and suppliers to address technical issues.
  • Report writing and presentation.
  • Provide support to increase sales.
  • Understand project and development plans and able to clearly articulate roles, project goals, and timelines.
  • Establish responsible deadlines and personal work plans.
  • Report to supervisor regularly on work and project status.
  • Provide track support (when necessary).

Proficient in:

  • Thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and solids.
  • 3D solids and surface modeling with SolidWorks (Composites experience preferred).
  • Matlab programming for data manipulation and analysis.
  • Basic data acquisition system, electronics, and electrical knowledge.
  • Conduct technical, industrial, and market research.
  • Hand tools and manual machining.
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Google business products.

Have interest or limited experience with:

  • Motorsports (may involve travelling for track support)
  • Alternative fuel – natural gas.
  • Advanced engine simulation
  • Finite element analysis.
  • Computation fluid dynamics.
  • Composites design and construction.
  • Vehicle dynamics and simulation.
  • Design of experiment.


  • Perform independently to learn and think logically, analytically, and critically to solve complex problems and research on various subjects.


  • Perform and produce results autonomously, listen, read, and learn actively, practice good time management, clean and tidy, and have good organization.


  • Listens to others and accepts input from team members, clearly articulate ideas and thoughts verbally, and accurately prepares written business correspondence that is coherent, grammatically correct, effective and professional.


  • Displays positive attitude, high level of focus, and self-motivation.
  • Demonstrates flexibility in day-to-day work.
  • Sets high standards of performance for oneself.
  • Lead with integrity, creativity, and consistency.


  • Establishes harmonious working relationships with team members.
  • Value and appreciates each team member's contributions.
  • Able to follow directions and willing to accept challenges.

Client Management:

  • Values internal and external clients and responds to their needs as soon as they arise.
  • Use good judgment and establish effective communication with clients.
  • Follows established client interface guidelines.

Professional Development:

  • Understands the professional development process and becomes actively involved by setting challenging goals and meeting them through continuous learning.
  • Seeks input from mentors and supervisors.
  • Actively applies feedback received to day-to-day work and strives to improve performance.

Internal Operations:

  • Accurately completes and submits time and expense reports in a timely manner.
  • Accurately completes and submits status reports in a timely manner.
  • Complies with all of our policies and procedures.

With the tagline “the process of creating new,” KTISIS’ vision and culture is to encourage team members to apply engineering expertise and experience with creativity to achieve objectives. They provide practical full-system engineering solutions from defining the initial problem to guiding clients through the problem solving process to delivering the final solution. KTISIS offers services to a wide variety of technology industries, including professional motorsports, alternative fuel and natural gas, powersports, renewal energy, innovative designs and technologies and powertrain industries. One of the main areas of development is the natural gas for transportation sector because it will offer this nation a domestic, economical and clean fuel solution for the next century.

Stephen’s last position was president and technical director of Katech, Inc., a company specializing in professional racing, high performance and prototype engine design, manufacturing, testing and development. Under Stephen’s leadership, Katech turned around from being heavily impacted by the recession to winning the prestigious Michigan 50 Companies to Watch Award in 2012. Received US Navy’s SBIR Advanced Marine Engine Design award in 2009. His vision of creative engineering, passion for new technologies and investment in young talents are the prime mover for his achievements.