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Tuesday, October 15, 2013 - Southeastern Michigan Economic Outlook

Southeastern Michigan Economic Outlook

A new economic report is coming to the region via Oakland University. Drs. Jonathan Silberman and Ronald Tracy are in the process of putting together a publication that will reflect the current economic state of Michigan in each of its editions. Southeastern Michigan Economic Outlook is to be put out quarterly, and will provide fiscal information to the area and beyond.

While there may be other regional reports similar to this elsewhere, Silberman doubts that there is one as comprehensive as Southeastern Michigan Economic Outlook. This publication will look at several consistent types of data reports. Each edition will incorporate specific data categories:

· Economy at a Glance - includes statistics collected from private and public agencies, such as passenger counts at Detroit Metropolitan Airport, truck crossings at the Canadian border and commercial vacancy rates

· Consumer Confidence - emulates the national consumer confidence index

· Business Confidence- mirroring a national business confidence index

· An Expert Panel - uses survey data similar to Blue Chip Economic Indicators

This data will be analyzed similarly to national surveys, and will be used to reflect Michigan’s current economic situation. The report will also include feedback provided by local households, business executives and economists on current public policy issues.

This is not just a report for academics. Southeastern Michigan Economic Outlook is meant to be accessible and understandable to many. “There is a wide audience for [the report],” says Silberman. “Businesses, policy makers, the news media...many people may find this useful.”

The first report is expected in January 2014. For more information visit

 How to get involved:

To participate in the Business Confidence Index, please complete a very brief one-time
online registration form. You will then receive an email each quarter to a seven question survey that takes less than 5 minutes to complete. Your participation will help make this a more rigorous tool, and something you will be able to use in making decisions for your business. - from the editors of Southeastern Michigan Economic Outlook