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Thursday, September 26, 2013 - September 2013 Newsletter: Company Spotlight: Badenoch
Badenoch LLC is a Michigan small business conducting research and development in the defense and energy industries. The Badenoch technology center in Michigan provides the full range of support services including prototyping and testing, material sciences, mechanical design, modeling and simulation on high performance computation platforms, and a network communication laboratory for secure environments.

In 2002, Scott Badenoch Sr., Badenoch CEO, ended a 30-year career in product development and marketing at ITW, Raychem, General Motors and Delphi to join the professional faculty at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Throughout his career, he ran advanced groups developing new concepts, technologies and markets. The range of successful products included the angioplasty balloon, the FASTEX plastic buckle, construction fasteners, automotive electronic stability control, the repositioning of the Cadillac brand, and survivable military vehicles. He holds over 150 records of invention, patents and trade secrets.

Badenoch recently was awarded the Macomb-OU INCubator’s Michigan Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Matching Funds Program (MD.MFP) first matching funds of $50,000, to prove a radical new concept for combat vehicles that promises to save lives and limbs of soldiers by neutralizing the effects of improvised explosive devices, or roadside bombs. With the addition of this MD.MFP award, Badenoch will collaborate with General Dynamics Land Systems to build a prototype and conduct a series of blast tests to prove the concept in live fire testing.

“For us, the MEDC’s MD.MFP is a godsend. Sequestration and an unpredictable federal budget process have brought challenges to Michigan’s research community, and the funds from MD.MFP will allow us to move forward with confidence knowing that both our state and DARPA are behind us,” Badenoch said.

The MD.MFP award to Badenoch will have long-term military impact by lessening combat-induced traumatic brain injury and limb loss, as well as economic impact by creating and retaining jobs. Local prime contractors are anticipated to compete for contracts requiring the new technology, which is valued in the multi-billions of dollars.

Badenoch is scheduled to be a featured Mac-OU INC Fireside Chat speaker on Dec 10, 2013. Come hear his story of successes, trials and tribulations, and how he got Badenoch LLC to where it is today. For more information on the Macomb-OU INCubator Fireside Chats, please contact Joan Carleton at For more information on Badenoch, please visit