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Wednesday, September 25, 2013 - September 2013 Newsletter: Client News: "Coupon Wallet's Local Online Advertising Network, PocketCents, Hits One Billion Local Ads"
Local online Pay-Per-Click and banner advertising network PocketCents has hit a recent milestone: one billion local ads served on their network. With that comes years of expertise in marketing that helped formed the foundation for Coupon Wallet which proudly provides PocketCents local advertising campaigns as part of the package.

Five years ago, a local online advertising company named PocketCents was created to set out and change the way people developed their online advertising strategies. In particular, how businesses and advertisers bought and published their online ads on an advertising network. Rather than having users bid for certain keywords or ads like other networks, PocketCents instead chose a flat rate and stuck with that promise.

Not only did PocketCents carve out a niche for itself but it was also a pioneer of the concept of local online advertising. Users have the ability to choose where their ad is targeted and just how much exposure it can bring in. This is better than just having generalized, national ads that aren’t specific to a company’s target audience.

Today, PocketCents advertising is used worldwide, and has reached a huge milestone in the company's history: one billion ads served. All of which have been at the same flat rate of twenty-five cents per click, no bidding, and absolutely no hidden fees. This continuity in price as well as delivering quality localized targeting for advertisers has helped PocketCents grow and thrive.

Of those one billion ads served, there have been countless blogs and websites helping the network as well as countless more businesses from local mom-and-pop shops to online businesses looking for more exposure.

Now with well over one billion ads served on the network, what is in store for the future of PocketCents? The local online advertising company will continue to offer their flat rate but there are some changes in mind for the network itself, all of which are focused on helping PocketCents users reach their audiences and get more impressions. Some updates include a more streamlined dashboard, including new methods of online advertising, and an influx of local coupon ads from Coupon Wallet.

PocketCents is looking forward to the next five years as well as their next billion ads served. For more information, please contact Christopher Papa, CMO of PocketCents Inc, at or (888) 835-2975 x34.