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Friday, August 23, 2013 - August 2013 Newsletter: Client Company Spotlight: Terra-Telesis
Formed in February of 2009, Terra-Telesis is an innovative Research and Development (R&D) firm working on renewable energy technologies via the development of a revolutionary, patented, low-profile wind turbine.

Terra-Telesis has been a Mac-OU INC on-site client since September of 2011. Mac-OU INC has assisted Terra-Telesis with streamlining thought processes and rechanneling efforts to maintain focus on main objectives. In addition, the Business Accelerator Fund (BAF) program enabled Terra-Telesis to enlist the aid of Altair Engineering for turbine design improvements.

“As a startup in renewable energy technology, it is reassuring that the Mac-OU INC professional team is always accessible and willing to lend a hand, whether that be for a simple conversation to bounce ideas or during the struggle to answer a major question that may be fundamental to survival. Mac-OU INC continuously demonstrates their experience and commitment, as well as an extended referral network when more outside assistance is required,” Al Khavari, Terra-Telesis founder, says.

The initial concept, referred to as Alternate Wind Generated Electric Turbine (AWGET), was designed for use in airfields or roadsides of highway and railway systems. The design captures energy from air created by moving vehicles and converts it into electricity. Currently, all the energy in the wind created as a result of the movement of various vehicles, including wake vortices, jet-blast and downwashes, is completely lost and wasted. AWGET reduces energy costs while simultaneously offsetting the carbon-footprint effect of the use of these vehicles.

The AWGET can be containerized and easily transported in a truly mobile platform, or it can be permanently affixed to a solid concrete base. The adaptive configuration is capable of producing electricity as an individual unit or it can be grouped in multiple cluster banks. Furthermore, the simplicity of the AWGET design allows for ease of manufacturing and is a renewable power source that does not rely on fossil fuel.

The enormous environmental impact of today’s lifestyles and reliance on fossil fuel is well-established and documented fact. From poor air quality of the big city smog to more frequent and stronger seasonal storms to the evermore destructive floods, the economic and human cost is immeasurable. Although no one solution will resolve these issues, the AWGET turbine can play a major role in improving the conditions and will have a definite impact in terms of the future of renewable energy.

Please contact Al Khavari at or (914) 471-1403 for more information or inquiries.