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Friday, July 12, 2013 - Tower Scholarship recipient forges a new path

Students who attend Oakland University have a wide variety of stories. Some are second or even third generation Oakland University students how proudly continue the family tradition. Others come from different backgrounds and settings and are blazing a new path for their family.

William Gross is just such an example. The oldest of four children, William is the first member of his immediate family to attend college. He was encouraged from an early age, even though his parents did not attend college themselves.

“I know that is it important that I am successful here at Oakland University. My brothers and sister at home are watching what I am doing," William says. “I understand and know that it is an honor to be the first in my family to be attending college.”

William is a junior, majoring in finance at the SBA at Oakland University. He has earned the School of Business Administration Tower Scholarship, which is definitely making his journey through college a little easier.

“I was excited to meet Professor Tower at the scholarship luncheon," adds William. “I didn’t realize that he was also a former Dean of the SBA. I also didn’t realize that he has this scholarship for more than one student. That is a great commitment on his part and those that support the scholarship in his honor”.

William is looking forward to finishing his degree and learning about the opportunities that lay in front of him. While he is doing that, he is also looking back over his shoulder to make sure that his siblings are paying attention and understanding the importance that college should hold in their lives as well.