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Monday, June 10, 2013 - Real-world research builds success

In the last four decades, Oakland University’s business school has seen tremendous growth in its reputation in the business and research community thanks to the work of its expert faculty members and the success of its graduates.  


The scholarly contributions of our faculty members directly impact the future of business. In the Summer 2013 issue of Insight (pdf), you’ll find examples of four such contributions our faculty members are making in their fields which offers a glimpse into the applied research that is taking place in our school.


Whether the topic is economics, innovations in health care, entrepreneurship, finance or information systems, the research projects highlighted here address critical regional and national challenges. Our faculty members identify trends, and develop models and tools business leaders can use to make decisions. Consistent with the business school’s experiential learning focus, they also offer our students an opportunity to learn about these initiatives and how they are impacting the business world.


When our faculty members bring their knowledge and experience into the classroom, students get the latest information from the field, directly from experts. Thanks to the low student-faculty ratio at Oakland University, our graduate and undergraduate business students also have the chance to work side by side with our experts gaining hands-on experience and first-hand insight into important business issues.


The intellectual capital Oakland University’s business faculty brings to address the economic challenges of Southeast Michigan and help our students in their curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular experiences is truly remarkable. As you read through this issue, I encourage you to consider the impact of Oakland University business faculty members’ research on advancing the academic scholarship as well as putting this research to work to address real world business challenges.