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Winter Break Immersion Award

Generous donations from faculty and staff of the School of Education and Human Services have made it possible to offer Study Abroad Awards for OU students interested in gaining a global perspective through school sponsored international study abroad trips.

The purpose and goal of this award is to support OU students wanting to join the Winter Break Immersion Program led by Linda Tyson, instructor in the department of Teacher Development and Educational Studies. The Winter Break Immersion Program is a one week long trip abroad during Oakland University's winter break for OU students to experience the culture and life in foreign countries. For more information about this study abroad program, e-mail Linda Tyson.

This award is available to students in the School of Education and Human Services K-12 or College of Arts and Sciences Secondary Education STEP program planning to travel in the Oakland University Winter Break Immersion Program.

There will be awards between $200-$1,000 available for students to travel in the academic year. An award committee will select the recipient.

 Additional requirements include:

  • Be a student in the School of Education and Human Services K-12 education program or College of Arts and Science Secondary Education STEP program
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above
  • Application neatly and legibly completed
The deadline to submit an application for the Winter Break Immersion Award is October 1, 2012. You can either complete this online application or request a paper application from
Address 1
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Please enter the last four numbers of your G number.

Only the last four numbers of your G number are required.

What is your GPA?
What is your major?
Please list any minor concentrations, if any.
Please describe any prior international travel experience you may have.
Anticipated date of travel?
Required Essay: Describe how you will use your experiences from the Short Term Immersion Program in your career. 

It is strongly recommended that you first type and edit your response in a blank Word document, then copy and paste into the field below. The field does not have spell or grammar check.

By checking the boxes below, you agree to the following:

If you are selected as a recipient, you will be held to these agreements. Your application cannot be considered without all four statements being agreed to by the applicant.

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Thank you for applying for the School of Education and Human Services Winter Break Immersion Award. You will receive written notification regarding your application after the scholarship committee has reviewed all applications. If you should have questions while completing this application, email