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To request one of the workshops below, fill out the "Request a Workshop" form and someone from GHC will contact you within three days. If you want materials only choose that option in the drop down menu and describe what you want in the "comments" section.

Sexual Health
Be a Man, Self-exam (45 minutes)
Men's health check. Learn about testicular cancer and how to perform testicular self-exam. Testicular models will be provided for demonstration and practice. Statistics, risk factors, and symptoms will be discussed.

Birth Control Basics (45-60 minutes)
Pills and diaphragms and condoms, oh my! Learn about the different forms of birth control available, including each method's effectiveness, cost, risks and benefits. Examples of different methods are passed around for participants to examine.

HIV/AIDS (45 minutes)
Be more informed about HIV/AIDS. Who’s at risk? Who should be tested? Learn what’s true and what is a myth.

Safe 'n' Sound (60 minutes)
Learn about STIs, risk behaviors among college students, and ways to reduce risk. Gain in-depth information about three of the most common STIs: genital herpes, human papillomavirus (HPV), and chlamydia. Cause, transmission, symptoms, detection, and treatment are described for each infection. Fun, informal, interactive presentation.

 Stress and Energy
iPause (45-60 Minutes)
The iPause workshop is an interactive program, led by Peer Ambassadors. The purpose of iPause is to teach stress reduction techniques. The program includes a short discussion on what stress is and its effects on our mind and body, specific techniques to reduce stress (breathwork and mindfulness), and ends with a 2-3 minute neck and shoulder massage. you? Request an iPause workshop here

ENERGYou! (30-60 minutes, single session)

Discover how to energize your life through simple changes in how you move, eat, and sleep. We all want to be energized, right? Follow these simple ideas and high octane energy living is yours!! 

ENERGYou! (30-60 minutes, 2-4 sessions)
Discover how to energize your life through simple changes in how you move, eat, and sleep. Every meeting introduces a different practice that will boost your energy level. Then you create your personal goals. You decide what is right for you. Additional sessions allow accountability for the goals you created and then introduce a new practice with goal development.

This workshop can be implemented as a one time event (see above) or over 2-4 weekly or monthly sessions.

Got Sleep? (45 minutes)

We will talk about the importance of sleep and best practices to improve the quality of your sleep. Relaxation exercises that will help you fall asleep are included.

 Nutrition and Health
Cholesterol: HDL? LDL? OMG! (45 minutes)
HDL? LDL? TG? TC? What do all these mean? And why should I care?  We can help with that.  Free cholesterol screening is included in this program.

Eat Healthy, Be Active (45-60 minutes)
Healthy eating and physical activity work hand in hand to help us live healthier lives. Find out the basics of nutrition and physical activity.

Portion Distortion (45-60 minutes)
After this workshop you will be amazed at the amount of food on your plate. Learn how the portions we are given in restaurants and at home are way out of PROPORTION!! Find out what a serving size is all about. Making simple changes in your portion size can be the difference between maintaining your ideal weight and gaining weight. 

Sugar Blues: Diabetes 101 (30-45 minutes)
Type 2 Diabetes is serious, common, costly and controllable. We know from research that it can be delayed or prevented. This workshop is designed to teach you how to prevent or reduce your risks of developing type 2 diabetes.