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2/2012 - Barbara Oakley, Dr. Barbara Oakley will be featured as a speaker at the Consilience Conference: Evolution in Biology, the Human Sciences, and the Humanities, which will take place in St. Louis, Missouri, from April 26-28. The event will bring together leaders from around the world for 3 days to identify major changes taking place in each field, discuss future directions of research and maximize the interaction among biology, social sciences and humanities researchers. Participants will engage in expert-led presentations and discussion. Each session contains one speaker from biology, one from the human sciences, and one from the humanities.

10/2008 - Barbara Oakley, associate professor of engineering, had her book "Evil Genes" featured on Book TV (CSpan2). Oakley was also the kickoff speaker for David Sloan Wilson's nationally renowned evolutionary seminar series at Binghamton University in September. She gave an invited speech at Duke in August, and will be speaking  about the book's findings at many venues in 2009, including Caltech under the auspices of Scientific American's Michael Shermer, the Church of the Heavenly Rest on Fifth Avenue in New York City, and as a keynote speaker for the Mountain States Genetics Foundation Annual Conference in Denver.

11/2003 - Barbara Oakley, assistant professor of engineering, recently was elected to the executive committee of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. The IEEE-EMBS executive committee boasts elected officials from other top institutions such as Rice, Duke, McGill, Loughborough, the University of NSW-Australia and the University of New Brunswick. Oakley's newly elected position as the vice president of members is indicative of her hard work, dedication, and significant contributions in professional service and quality research to the IEEE-EMBS and its journals.

10/2003 - Barbara Oakley, assistant professor of engineering, chaired the "Microelectrodes Minisymposium," and served as track chair for the "BME Education" and session chair for "Best Practices in Promoting the BME Profession" at the 2003 IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Conference. In addition, as track chair for the conference's student paper competition, Oakley had the difficult task of selecting the top entries from 314 applicants, including outstanding papers from many of the world's leading universities. The conference was held Sept. 17-21 in Cancun, Mexico.