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Our Story McKenzie's Story

Traverse City vineyard owner and Oakland University alum, McKenzie Gallagher, combines family heritage and tradition with entrepreneurial dreams.


0:05 When I first stepped out at Rome and overlooked the vineyards every morning,

0:11 I feel a deep sense of gratitude and fulfillment.

0:19 Hi, I'm McKenzie Gallagher..

0:22 I'm the owner of Rove Estate Winery and I'm a proud Oakland University alumni.

0:34 We are on a multi-generational farm of about 135 acres.

0:46 My job is primarily in the testing room with our team.

0:51 I love being a part of the hustle and bustle.

0:57 People is the best part of what I do.

1:00 I absolutely love all the different variations of connections I'm able to make.

1:07 I really want to make their experience

1:10 approachable and inclusive and have something for everybody.

1:18 Sociology really helped me put that in

1:23 a better framework and that has served me throughout my life and my career especially.

1:29 People might not think that owning a winery and having a sociology background would be

1:36 connected but I believe they're absolutely supported by each other.

1:43 Awareness is really powerful.

1:45 Understanding body language, understanding that there's

1:49 verbal and nonverbal communication and to read your audience, read your team.

1:54 Wine is the ultimate connector of people.

1:58 One of my passions is also being an advocate and an ambassador for Traverse City.

2:10 I feel really proud to be part of that.

2:13 It feels like we're working towards something bigger than us.

2:17 The most rewarding part of this job and having

2:22 a winery is I get to share that process and the passion

2:26 of the vineyard and the farm side with my family and

2:30 then ultimately share our products with our customers and connect with our community.

Research Golden Research: Lizz

Learn and grow in the epicenter of Greater Metro Detroit. Get connected and make a difference where it matters most.

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