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Programs and Courses

Each semester the International Studies Program offers a variety of regionally-oriented courses that expose students to the culture, history and politics of a particular world region.  Al courses are inter-disciplinary, meaning students are exposed to perspectives from the arts, humanities, geography, and social sciences.  Course cover both historical development and contemporary issues.  Courses are regularly offered in both traditional and on-line formats.  All fulfill Oakland's Global Perspective General Education requirement.

The Center for International Programs offers active majors in:

Requirements for the liberal arts majors in international studies, B.A. programs

The international studies majors consist of a minimum of 40 credits, of which 28 credits must be taken in the primary area (East Asian studies, Latin American studies); 12 credits in a complementary area of study, and language proficiency equivalent to 8 credits of work at the third year of study in an appropriate language.  Language courses at the 100 and 200 level do not count toward the total number of credits for the major in either the primary or secondary area.  The complementary area of study ordinarily consists of the appropate introductory international studies course and two additional courses in the area, which may be either international studies courses or departrmental courses.  Duplication of course credit in the primary and complementary areas is not permitted.  However, majors may apply their courses in international studies to their general educational requirements.

Minor programs in the study of various world areas, each requiring 20 credits of coursework, are also offered. 

For advising on all ISP programs, please contact me by phone or e-mail as indicated below:

Paul Kubicek
Center for International Programs Director
(248) 370-2363

Special Topics

In addition, the International Studies Program offers, from time to time, special topics courses.  Recent courses have included: