Cindy Mooty

Cindy Mooty

Office Address: ODH 139
Office Phone: 248-370-4667


Cindy Mooty is a Special Lecturer in the Department of Writing and Rhetoric at Oakland University. She is also writing her dissertation in fulfillment of the Ph.D requirements within Wayne State’s Composition and Rhetoric department. Her dissertation examines student learning while enrolled in a service-learning composition course at a minority-majority community college. Before her academic career, Cindy was a journalist; first writing for The Macomb Daily and then the public relations field.


B.A. Journalism, Oakland University, 1985

M.A. Journalism, Michigan State University, 1990

B.S. Elementary Education, Oakland University, 2003

M.S. English, Rhetoric and Composition, Wayne State, 2010

Teaching Philosophy

I believe a collaborative environment is key to helping students develop into better learners and connected OU citizens. Within the physical classroom, I create a classroom community through group activities and discussion. Students generally journal first to acquire their own voice and then share their ideas or writing within small groups or whole-class discussion. This collaborative community continues outside the classroom through our virtual classroom. Students maintain a weekly blog and are regularly asked to respond to classmates’ postings. We then discuss how the student voice changes within different mediums: virtual or physical classroom, academic or personal writing. Through this community atmosphere, students begin to recognize the varied purposes of writing and the persuasive power of language.

Cindy Mooty taught OU journalism courses from 2006-2008 and began teaching Rhetoric courses in 2012.