Amanda Laudig

Amanda Laudig

Office: 311 O'Dowd Hall
Phone: (248) 370-2745


B.S., English, Ball State University
M.A., English Literature, Ball State University
Ph.D, English Studies, Illinois State University, Concentrations in Composition Pedagogy & Literature Pedagogy

Teaching Philosophy

Students learn more when I am not a lecturer but a participant in an activity that I initiate but that only comes to life based upon the needs and discussions of my students. Constant student activity, therefore, is a cornerstone of my pedagogy. I prefer to have my students active and doing--constantly writing, discussing, and practicing all of the elements that go into producing strong written work and critically-astute readings. My function is that of a coach, facilitator and catalyst. I hope to teach composition courses wherein students learn to rhetorically analyze their own texts and the texts of others with the end goal of being able to produce appropriate works for specific audiences and to discern the multiple differences among the accepted practices of valid argumentation and knowledge-making in various discourse communities. It is a necessity to achieve a classroom shared equally by teacher and student. I must present material in such a way that the students learn the basics and are able to apply them to more abstract or advanced tasks. In such a classroom, I am not always the final authority on writing or on reading; rather, I am a co-creator of knowledge along with my students. I try to adhere consistently to the concept of a critical pedagogy in a classroom where the teacher treats students as intellectuals, challenging them to reexamine their beliefs and the subject positions which brought them to these beliefs and, in turn, encouraging them to challenge the teacher as well.

Teaching at OU since 2011.