Laura Colbeck

Laura Colbeck

Title: Special Lecturer
Office: 147 O'Dowd Hall
Phone: (248) 370-2739
Fax: (248) 370-2748


"Students in my courses are often asked to produce powerpoints, videos, podcasts or other media as a way to demonstrate composition skills and explore new knowledge bases."


B.A. English, University of Michigan
M.A. English, Indiana University
Ph.D. English, Indiana University

Teaching Philosophy:
Cultural anthropologist Mimi Ito asks, “why do we assume that kids’ socializing and play is not a site of learning? And on the flip side, why do we assume that schools can’t have a spirit of entertainment and play as a part of what they’re doing?” The underlying assumptions about the relationship between informal student discovery and formal education that shape Ito’s rhetorical questions informs my own educational philosophy—one that asks students to discover what excites them, encourages them to pursue their own interests, and facilitates this process of growth and intellectual self-realization.

Laura Colbeck has been teaching at Oakland University since 2006.

She teaches WRT 150, WRT 160, WRT 335, and WRT 382. WRT 150 and 160 courses have been designed around the following themes: Gen Y, religious literacy, medical ethics, autobiography.