Allison Bohn

140 O'Dowd Hall
(248)- 370-2736

Allison Bohn received a Bachelors degree in English (Creative Writing) and a Minor in Women & Gender Studies. She also receives a Masters in English from Oakland University. During her time at Oakland, she presented papers at the International Romanticism Conference and Michigan Academy of Arts, Science, and Letters Conference, as well as shared some of her poetry & short stories at The Poets' Follies Reading Series.

After graduating, Allison became a Meadowbrook Writing Fellow and taught at the Meadowbrook Youth Writing Camp

She is interested in feminist studies within language and literature, how language both affects and is affected by our society, and confessionalist poetry.

Teaching Philosophy: I believe in a class that is student driven by their needs and interests. If assignments can be tailored by the student to fit their interests and own learning strategies, it makes the material more relevant and applicable to their future classes and goals.