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Grad Study in Writing and Rhetoric

To see the official Oakland University class schedule, visit the SAIL Schedule of Classes, select the semester you wish to view, and then select "writing and rhetoric."

WRT 514 Writing Project Programs (2 or 4)
In-service programs for teachers in individual school districts, particularly those conducted on-site within those districts. May be repeated for up to 4 credits under different subtitles. Students cannot receive credit for both WRT 514 and 515.
Prerequisite: permission of instructor.

WRT 515 Meadow Brook Writing Project (2 to 4 Credits)
Concentrated four-week workshop (Invitational Summer Institute) on topics of interest to teachers. Students cannot receive credit for both RHT 514 and 515. 
Prerequisite: permission of instructor.

WRT 516 Advanced Workshop (1, 2 or 4)
In-depth study of topics and issues generated by previous participation in National Writing Project courses. May be repeated for up to 8 credits under different subtitles.
Prerequisite: Participation as a Fellow in the National Writing Project or permission of instructor.

WRT 520 Peer Tutoring in Composition (4)
Peer tutoring theories and pedagogies, and practical experience in teaching. Work divided between classroom and tutoring assignments. Particularly valuable for majors in the humanities, education, psychology, human services and related fields.
Prerequisite: permission of instructor.

WRT 525: Teaching Writing with New Media (4)
Explores the practices and effects of new media (digital audio, graphics, video, slide shows, wikis, and social networks) within the writing classroom and other literate contexts. Examines both the issues surrounding and the theories that are relevant to teaching writing with new media technologies.
Prerequisite: permission of instructor.

WRT 530 Digital Culture: Identity and Community in a Wireless World (4)
An examination of the rhetoric and ethics of Internet technology and culture. Introduces theories of digital culture and its effects on both online and actual identities and communities, especially in relation to ethnicity, gender, class, physical ability, and sexual orientation. Includes individual and collaborative analysis and construction of web projects.
Prerequisite: permission of instructor.

WRT 614 Teaching Writing (4)
Examination of and practice in instructional techniques and research in writing pedagogy, and such related issues as assessment and classroom workshops.
Prerequisite: permission of instructor.