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The Department of Writing and Rhetoric (WRT) addresses the evolving nature of persuasion and written communication in the 21st century.

We offer a Major and Minor in Writing and Rhetoric. Through tracks in professional writing, writing for new media, and writing as a discipline, our degree programs prepare students for work as writers, editors, new media composers, and educators in a variety of public, private, and educational settings.

Our faculty offer a wide range of writing courses that are open to majors and non-majors alike, including:  

Persuasive Writing
Digital Storytelling
Creative Non-Fiction
Business Writing
Grant Writing                          
Writing for New Media
Legal Writing
Science Writing
Community Service Writing
Audio Essays

And we offer courses focused on a range of contemporary rhetorical, educational, and research practices, including:

Global Rhetorics 
Teaching Writing                    
Digital Culture                  
Rhetoric and Video Game Culture       
Rhetoric of Web Design                  
Peer Tutoring in Composition 

Many of our courses fulfill general education requirements for writing-intensive, knowledge applications, global perspective, and diversity. Check out a full list of our general education and upper-level course offerings, or go here to see more information about the range of Featured Classes we're offering in Winter 2015.
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        Get information about our Graduate Courses, including courses in Teaching Writing, Teaching Writing with New Media, and Digital Culture.