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Printing a Leave Report

Printing a Leave Report

You may need to print a copy of your leave report to give an Approver, or maybe you just want to keep a paper copy for yourself. Use the preview feature to display and print all of the time entry information on one page.

To print your leave report:

1. From the Leave Report page, click the Preview button.
Note: You must log in to SAIL before you can access the Leave Report page. See Opening A Leave Report for more information.
2. Click your browser's File menu and click Page Setup from the list.
3. Click the Landscape radio button.
4. Adjust the margins by typing .2 in the Left and Right fields and then click the OK button.
5. Click the File menu and click Print from the list.
6. Click the OK or Print button.
7. Click the Previous Menu button.
8. The Leave Report page displays.

Note: Printed Leave Report lay-out could vary depending on printer.