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Returning Time for Correction

Returning Time for Correction

During your review of a time sheet or leave report, you may find entries where changes must be made. It is a best practice to return time sheets or leave reports to the employee for correction and resubmission if there is sufficient time to meet the approval deadline; otherwise you will need to make the change yourself. Regardless of whether you make the change or return it to the employee for correction, you will need to enter a comment.


To return a time for corrections:

1. Once you have reviewed the time sheet, click the Add Comment button.
Note: You must log in to SAIL before you can access the Time Sheet page. See Accessing the Summary Page for more information.

2. Type a message regarding the required corrections in the Enter or Edit Comment box.
Note: Add comments anytime changes are made to a time sheet or leave report. The comment should contain an explanation of the change(s) you want the employee to make along with an explanation of why you are requesting the change(s).
3. Click the Save button.
Note: There will be no indication that the comments have been saved. To verify the added comments, click the Preview button.

4. Click the Previous Menu button.
5. Click the Return for Correction button.

6. A Time transaction successfully returned for correction message displays. Click the Previous Menu button. The Summary page displays.
7. Notify the employee.
Note: There is no automatic notification to the employee of a time sheet or leave report that has been returned for correction. To ensure the employee corrects the time sheet or leave report and resubmits it before the submission deadline, notify the employee directly that you have returned the time sheet or leave report and that it requires their immediate action. Using email could delay this process.