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Overriding a Time Entry

Overriding a Time Entry

Overriding a time entry is performed by an Approver to correct a mistake on a time sheet or leave report when an employee cannot make the correction (e.g. not enough time or no internet access). The two most common types of time entry errors are:

    * incorrect hours entered into a correct earnings type
    * correct hours entered into an incorrect earnings type

Once an employee submits a time sheet or leave report, the status of the document changes to Pending. A time sheet or leave report must have Pending status before an Approver can override a time entry and make a correction to it.

All corrections must be completed and timesheets approved before 11:59pm approval deadlines. See Approver Actions by Transaction Status for more information.


To override a time entry:

1. From the Summary page, click the Change Leave Record link in the Other Information column for the time sheet or leave report you want to override.
Note: You must log in to SAIL before you can access the Summary page. See Accessing the Summary Page for more information.

2. Click the displayed hours or Enter Hours link for the date and earnings type to be changed.
3. Type the correct time, to the nearest quarter hour.
          * Faculty, Semi-Monthly, and Bi-Weekly Staff: type the correct hours in the Hours field.
             * Students: type the correct start and end times in their respective Time In and Time Out fields.

4. Click the Save button.
5. Click the Comments button.
6. Type the reason for the correction in the Enter or Edit Comment box.
7. Click the Save button.
8. Click the Previous Menu button.
9. Click the Approve button.
10. A message displays indicating the time sheet or leave report was approved.
11. Click the Previous Menu button.
12. The Summary page displays.