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Approving Time

Approving Time

If the time sheet or leave report is not approved by the deadline, the hourly employee may not get paid or the salaried employee may not have their exception time recorded.

The Approver must approve time by 6:00pm on the first business day following the submission deadline. 


To review and approve a time sheet or leave report:

1. From the Pending section of the Summary page, click the Comments link in the Other Information column.
Note: You must log in to SAIL before you can access the Summary page. See Accessing the Summary Page for more information.

Note: Review any comments prior to approving time. Approvals can be done on the Summary page without opening and reviewing the time sheet or leave report; however, best practice requires all time sheet and leave report to be reviewed in detail prior to approval.

2. Click the employee's name you want to review from the Name and Position column.

Note: While the approval process can be completed from the Summary page without opening and reviewing the time sheet, best practices dictate that all time sheets and leave reports be opened and reviewed for accuracy and completeness by the Approver prior to approving them.

3. Carefully review all details and click the Approve button.

Note: Click the Return for Corrections button if you are requesting the employee make changes to the time sheet or leave report. See Returning Time for Corrections for more information.

4. A Time transaction successfully approved message displays. Click the Previous Menu button.

5. The Summary page displays.