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Matthew Solt and Alexandra Zetye awarded honorable mention for the Goldwater Schoalrship

Tuesday, April 2, 2013
Matthew Solt and Alexandra Zetye awarded honorable mention for the Goldwater Schoalrship
Two Oakland University undergraduates have received honorable mention in the 2013 Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program competition. This scholarship is the most prestigious award for undergraduate science/engineering/math majors in the United States. About 1000 sophomores and juniors are nominated nationwide (each university can nominate only four), for which approximately 300 are awarded a scholarship and about 150 receive honorable mention. Until this year, no OU student has been recognized by the Goldwater Foundation.

In 2013, Oakland University selected four undergraduates to be our Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship Nominees. The nominees were:
  • Kristine Nixon. Kristine is a Biology major and a premed student from Harrison Township, Michigan. She is a member of the OU Honors College.
  • Matthew Solt. Matthew is from Beverly Hills, Michigan and is majoring in physics and mechanical engineering. He research on a neutron detector was presented at an American Physical Society meeting.
  • Marvin Yousif. Marvin is from Farmington Hills, Michigan and is majoring in Biology. His review paper on COPD was recently published in Frontiers in Biology.
  • Alexandra Zetye. Alexandra is from Rochester Hills, Michigan and is majoring in Engineering Biology, Mathematics, Piano Performance, and French. She has a paper submitted for publication about Chagas disease.
The two students from OU who were awarded honorable mention are Matthew Solt and Alexandra Zetye.

Current undergraduates interested in applying for the award next year should watch the OU-Goldwater website. The website won't be updated for the 2014 competition until later this fall, but expect an application procedure and timeline very similar to that used in 2013.