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Music Prep Student Profile: Keith Watza

Tuesday, November 27, 2012
Music Prep Student Profile: Keith Watza
High school senior Keith Watza has been studying piano since he was in the second grade, and all of the progress he's made in the decade since then has come under the guidance and tutelage of the Music Preparatory Division at Oakland University.

"Learning to play the piano has been one of the greatest experiences of my life," the Rochester Hills native said. "It is a great way for me to get away from the stresses of a busy school day, and to relax by doing something I truly enjoy."

Having enjoyed and benefitted from receiving instruction from Music Prep Director and piano instructor Bibianne Yu, Watza said the investment has been well worth what he has gained.

"I have enjoyed the relationship I have made with my teacher, and I know that learning the piano will help me my entire life. It is an inspiration for me, and I can not express how much I am grateful to have had the opportunity to take lessons through the Music Preparatory Division," he explained."

"I think that I will play the piano for my entire life because I love it so much. I have already begun to use my talent to teach other kids piano lessons at my house, and I even started teaching my mom this summer before I leave for college next year! I love having the gift of music, and love sharing it even more."

Watza has also seen how his dedication and hard work in studying music offers benefits beyond the pure enjoyment of playing.

"I put together a benefit concert when I was in sixth grade to raise money to travel to Australia with a student ambassador program. My teacher … helped me to organize the whole recital, and I had a great time playing, especially because it helped me to be able to travel the world."

Studying under Yu has made all the difference in Watza's experience with music.

"(She) is the greatest piano teacher. She is very interactive with me, and makes my lessons fun and enjoyable. It always feels as if 45 minutes is too short for my lesson time," he said. "I look forward to my lesson all week because of Bibianne. Not only is she very lively and fun, but also she really knows everything about the piano, and does a great job passing her knowledge down to me."

Beyond the individualized instruction he receives from Yu, Watza has enjoyed learning to play in recitals with no sense of anxiety. Doing so has given him plenty of opportunity to demonstrate his talent for his family and friends.

"I have also learned so much about the piano that I never imagined from my teacher," Watza concluded. "I have only great things to say about the program, and would definitely recommend it to others."