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Explorations in Liberal Studies Thematic Set

Monday, September 24, 2012
Explorations in Liberal Studies Thematic Set

"Explorations in Liberal Studies" has just been approved as a thematic set satisfying the College Exploratory Requirement.

This exploratory set educates students about interdisciplinary perspectives, methods of inquiry and how they are used to understand and solve complex real world issues and problems.

Each course in the set is organized around a central interdisciplinary theme or topic in which the students learn 1) the different disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives used to approach the theme, and 2) the characteristic methods used for understanding and solving the interdisciplinary issues/problems associated with the theme.

Students seeking to fulfill the exploratory set in liberal studies need to take LBS 100, LBS 200 and one of the following interdisciplinary courses:

  • ENV 308 (Introduction to Environmental Studies)
  • WGS 200 (Introduction to Women and Gender Studies)
  • WGS 302 (Global Women / Global Issues)
  • WRT 360 (Global Rhetorics)
  • AMS 300 (Topics in American Culture)
  • REL 301 (Religion in the Modern World)