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OU’s SBA to present second International Conference on Credit Analysis and Risk Management in Switzerland

Monday, July 30, 2012
OU’s SBA to present second International Conference on Credit Analysis and Risk Management in Switzerland

The SBA’s Department of Accounting and Finance at Oakland University announced that the second International Conference on Credit Analysis and Risk Management will be September 5-6, in Basel, Switzerland.  Similar in many ways to the first conference, the 2013 conference will focus on increasing the understanding of credit analysis at the global level, examining new and existing models and methods for credit risk management, credit analysis and relationship lending.

The call for papers is underway, with papers and abstracts due by December 31 in the following subject areas:

  • Credit analysis and credit ratings
  • Credit portfolio models and limitations
  • Credit derivatives and structured finance
  • The future of regulation
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Relationship lending

The submitted papers are for presentation purposes and will be open to discussion. Those selected for presentation at the 2013 conference will be submitted to the quality German peer-reviewed journal Kredit und Kapital, which publishes both German and English papers.

The papers presented at the summer 2011 conference at OU in Rochester, Michigan, were of such high quality that The Journal of Credit Risk published a special issue about it in March 2012, and Cambridge Scholars Publishing published a book summarizing the most important information discussed there.  

With more than 60 attendees from around the globe, the first international conference was extremely successful. Participants hailed from the US as well as France, India, Netherlands, Switzerland, Turkey, Chile, Canada, Germany, South Korea, New Zealand, Thailand, and the United Kingdom. 

Scholars and practitioners alike expressed a strong interest attending an annual conference, indicating they valued the exchange of ideas and wanted to expand the reach by holding subsequent conferences around the world.

“Switzerland seemed a natural choice to make it inviting for more experts to attend,” explains Austin Murphy, conference co-chair and professor, finance, OU SBA. “It is a financial market center – possibly the leading one for credit in continental Europe. The Swiss city of Basel, which is the location of the January 2013 conference, is home to the Bank for International Settlements that sets worldwide credit standards for regulated financial institutions. It is also central to Europe near to nice tourist attractions.

“The dissemination of knowledge and the free flow of ideas are vital in finance and in credit analysis. It could mean the difference between a future financial collapse and preventing one. In fact, the individuals coming together to participate in this international conference have what it takes to change the world, pulling it away from the risks that are growing as time elapses,” adds Murphy.

In addition to paper presentations, the conference will include keynote speakers, and discussions and presentations between attendants.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Dr. Klaus Duellmann, Deutsche Bundesbank
  • Professor Dr. Markus Heusler, Risk Solution Network, RSN AG
  • Dr. Michael Loretan, Swiss Financial Markets Supervisory Authority, FINMA

Conference co-chairs include:

  • Martin Brown, University of St. Gallen
  • Hans-Peter Burghof, University Hohenheim
  • Pascal Gantenbein, University of Basel
  • Daniel Rosch, Leibniz University of Hannover
  • Simone Westerfeld, University of Applied Sciences, Basel
  • Xiang Yuan, Shanghai Maritime University


For more information about submitting a paper or attending the 2013 conference in Switzerland, visit

By Andrew Fusco, SBA Marketing Intern