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SBA’s AMA receives five awards at international collegiate conference

Thursday, March 29, 2012
SBA’s AMA receives five awards at international collegiate conference

The American Marketing Association from OU’s SBA received five awards at the 34th International Collegiate Conference of the AMA in New Orleans this week.

The organization was recognized as a Top-25 Chapter (among 500 collegiate chapters) and received the Outstanding Fundraising Award; the Outstanding Community Service Award; the Outstanding Communication Award; and the award for most quality videos submitted for AMA Saves Lives (organ-donation-related competitive activity).

In addition to the awards, the SBA chapter was invited to deliver a key conference presentation on how to excel as a student chapter.

Conference participants included AMA chapters from all North American countries as well as from other parts of the world.

“Congratulations to a very successful SBA student organization,” says Mohan Pisharodi, associate professor, marketing, and faculty advisor for the SBA’s AMA. “The team’s achievement is admirable given the intense competition that it faced.”

"Among the top 25 from among 500 is great honor indeed. And to be asked to present on how to excel to all those chapters," adds Ravi Parameswaran, chair, management and marketing, "Congratulations to the AMA and Mohan Pisharodi."

“Congratulations on a great accomplishment for OU’s AMA Chapter,” adds John Henke, professor, marketing. “Having been there, I can appreciate the incredible competition they had to beat to be in the Top 25 Chapters.”