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Students talk up the SBA

Wednesday, March 28, 2012
Students talk up the SBA

SBA students believe in the value of their OU SBA education. In this video, a selection of students and faculty take a turn talking about the specific experiences, programs and advantages of the OU SBA education.

From ACHIEVE, Scholars, ATiB, MBA, student organizations and more, students benefit from and appreciate OU's campus, the SBA and its programs and people, as well as the hands-on experiences they have that help them build their resume and create a foundation for success in the business world.

The short video (about six minutes), offers testimonials from students such as:  
"It's offered me the world, I would  not change my college experience."
"There is tremendous opportunity and energy here (at the SBA)."
"There's a community here that wants to help you succeed."
"I could not have asked for a better school."
"There are so many programs and so many people who are willing to help."
"Anyone who wants to have the advantage in the real world .. I would recommend the school."
 Hear this and more by watching the full video on OU's YouTube channel here