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Visiting faculty from Brazil design new biosensors

Saturday, September 24, 2011
Visiting faculty from Brazil design new biosensors
Visiting faculty from all over the world contribute to biomedical research at Oakland University. For example, Professors Cesar Augusto Souza De Andrade and Maria Daniel Lima De Oliveira, a husband and wife team from Federal University of Pernambuco in Brazil, spent time in the laboratory of CBR member and Professor Xiangqun Zeng, of the Department of Chemistry, designing sensitive biosensors. This collaboration resulted in two recent publications, both in the October, 2011 issue of the Journal of Colloid and Interface Science: “Diagnosis of dengue infection using a modified gold electrode with hybrid organic-inorganic nanocomposite and Bauhinia monondra lectin” (Volume 362, Pages 517-523) and “Impedimetric biosensor based on self-assembled hybrid cystein-gold nanoparticles and cramoLL lectin for bacterial lipopolysaccharide recognition” (Volume 362, Pages 194-201). Also contributing to this work is a postdoctoral researcher in Zeng’s laboratory, Pankaj Singh. Zeng’s laboratory is supported by grants from the National Institutes of Health.