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The route to excellence, national recognition -- Integrative Thinking

Thursday, June 2, 2011
The route to excellence, national recognition -- Integrative Thinking

The power of integrative thinking is immense. The ability to think -- and act -- beyond traditional boundaries and models allows successful organizations and their leaders to develop solutions that have the potential to transform their organization.


That's the transformation we hope to create in the SBA at Oakland University, not just by teaching integrative thinking whenever possible, but by engaging in activities within our curriculum, research and outreach.  We value -- and educate students on the value of -- understanding issues across disciplines and across cultures. This helps prepare our students to thrive in a constantly changing business world, and contribute to their organization with an open mind and skill set that supports innovation and flexibility.


In this issue of SBA Insight Online, you'll find the theme of integrative thinking reflected in many of the stories. You'll read about partnerships across campus in support of research in energy management and lean thinking. You will see how various student organizations, using unique forums and networking sessions, are encouraging greater understanding of business challenges and the ways to address them.  You also will see how we are bringing international conferences to the area to address complex financial and IT related challenges through a combination of business and academic thinking.


Through the power of integrative thinking, these activities further support our approach of positioning OU's School of Business Administration in the national arena.


In addition, we feature, among other stories, the major contributions of one of our faculty members, Dr. David Doane and the contribution of alumni Robert Manilla of Kresge Foundation, who each practiced integrative thinking to reach greater heights in their own profession.


As we're building a strategic plan focused on transforming the SBA into a school recognized on the national stage by leveraging the partnership of our alumni, partners and friends in support of research and student-centered activities, it is critical that we seek your help in executing our strategic plan. We have provided a link to both our strategic plan and a list of many donors who have contributed to various initiatives of the SBA (including the creation of Stinson Student Advancement Center and many scholarships).


If you're not yet connected, I encourage you to reflect on ways you, too, can make a difference in building the next generation of business leaders -- by sharing your own updated professional contact informationvolunteering on campus through our ACHIEVE program, or by making a gift to support the important work we are providing in the business community. No matter how you do it, your action in support of the SBA makes a difference. If you're already involved in the SBA, thank you and please continue your support.