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AMA survey indicates a leadership crisis looming in health care industry

Monday, March 28, 2011
AMA survey indicates a leadership crisis looming in health care industry

Many North American health-care organizations are expected to face a leadership succession crisis based on a survey of 117 senior industry executives and managers by American Management Association/Corporate Learning Solutions and reported in a February press release on the AMA's website.


Fewer than 7 percent of health-care organizations are seen as well prepared to deal with a sudden loss of key leaders, according to the survey. Only 8 percent possess a robust leadership pipeline and 44 percent have only adequate bench strength.

"More than 40 percent believe the industry’s supply of future leaders is inadequate,” said Sandi Edwards, senior vice president for American Management Association/Corporate Learning Solutions, in the release. “In fact, nearly one-third of HMOs, hospital chains or health care providers are ‘not at all prepared’ for the loss of key members of their senior management team.”

Senior health care management has clearly been busy cost cutting and surviving for the past two years, Edwards observed. “And it’s time now for investment in sustainability and competitive advantage, which must be based on talent. Having the best people in pivotal leadership roles, prepared to step in at any time, is essential for future success.”


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Read the full press release on the AMA website here.