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Get a competitive edge with an Executive MBA from the SBA

Thursday, May 5, 2011
Get a competitive edge with an Executive MBA from the SBA

To help business leaders stay up to date in rapidly evolving business sectors, Oakland University offers the Executive MBA program in health care management and information systems leadership.

The intensive program, designed for highly motivated professionals, is one of very few in the country and the only one in Michigan to offer different, but complementary concentrations.  The program prepares professionals to be successful leaders in a dynamic global business environment. Launched in 2000, the EMBA already has many successful alumni in leadership positions.


Learn more about the program at the information session on Saturday, May 21, 9 a.m.., at 238 Elliott Hall on OU's campus in Rochester.


“Students are well prepared in both the theoretical basis of management and leadership and in the practical application. The curriculum is creative and prepares graduates to be successful in a wide variety of positions,” said Dr. Ernest Yoder, vice president for medical affairs of St. John Health System. “I have personally seen the success of two OU EMBA graduates within St. John Health.”


Alumni place high value on the program.



"It allowed me to stay patient-focused in my practice, and become much more effective in managing the business support structures necessary," says Dr. Muhammad Haitham Al-Midani, EMBA '02, founder, Digestive Disease and Nutrition Center in Burton. (Read his full story here.)


Once he began the coursework on leadership, Al-Midani discovered the material had direct relevance to his day-to-day work as the head of a growing business. “I found out most people who make a change in their lives need to have leadership skills to make that change work,” he says.


The knowledge and experiences he gained in the SBA's Executive MBA program helped him grow the Digestive Disease and Nutrition Center into a 15-employee operation. “Without having this knowledge, I would not have been able to take my practice to where it is today,” Al-Midani says.


Dr. Molly Austin, EMBA '09, found OU's EMBA a perfect fit for her career plans. “(The program) really picked up on the need in medicine for people who understand technology and the need for building leaders.”  (Read her full story here.)


The program exceeded her expectations. "I really loved being in the Executive MBA program. It gave me incredible access to the faculty. Not only did I get the expertise in the classroom, I got to know them on a personal level.”


For more information about the SBA's EMBA program contact Monica Milczarski at (248) 370-2059,e-mail or visit the Executive MBA Web site at