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Kresge Library opens Suzanne O. Frankie Café

Thursday, February 3, 2011
Kresge Library opens Suzanne O. Frankie Café

Midway through Fall Semester 2010, Kresge Library and the Oakland University community excitedly opened the doors to the Suzanne O. Frankie Café!  The Café offers students and faculty a variety of refreshments in a contemporary on-site haven at the library.  It is located just inside the main entrance of the Kresge Library, nestled between the reference and circulation desks on the second floor. It is named for the former Dean of Kresge Library who was a major donor for the project.

What was once dubbed “The Fish Bowl” is now a vibrant hub embraced by Kresge Library patrons and faculty alike. Transforming the study-and-meeting room into a sleek, contemporary lounge has been well worth the work. Students no longer need to interrupt long periods of studying to embark on forays across campus or even off campus to get coffee and other refreshments, as they have been made conveniently available in the library. 

 Study lounge prior to renovation.

"[The café] not only provides students with much needed refreshments and food, but also serves as a great collaboration space for study groups and research teams" remarked Brandon Bernier, Assistant Dean of Kresge Library. 

"The amount of traffic to the café has been staggering.  Students, staff, and faculty have made the Suzanne O. Frankie Café a destination spot on campus."

One prominent appeal of the café is its warm, inviting atmosphere.  A black and gold motif adorns the walls and furniture adding a sense of pride to its Golden Grizzly patrons. Visitors of the café can choose between booth seating, small personal tables, or raised bar-styled tables to enjoy the company of peers or a good book.  Chartwells—OU’s dining service provider—and Peet’s Coffee & Tea (see column) complete the café by adding charismatic service and a variety of coffee, tea, fresh fruits and confections available for purchase.

     Students line up to get their caffeine fix.

“The introduction of the café has led to a partnership between the Library, Student Congress, and Chartwells,” said Assistant Dean Bernier.  “The extremely successful OUSC ‘Exam Cram,’ where the café had extended hours and offered free coffee, food, and prizes, was held in the Library during finals week.”

The OU community has been highly receptive to the friendly service, accessible food, and congenial atmosphere

“The café has increased not only the number of students who visit the library to study, but we are finding that students are staying here much longer than they have in the past” said Assistant Dean Bernier. 
Peet’s Coffee & Tea
was selected to serve the Kresge Library and the greater OU community because of their unwavering commitment to sustainability and high quality products. For almost 50 years Peet’s has been working directly with coffee farmers, community, and business partners to provide their customers with the best possible coffee and service. Here is a glimpse of some of their most notable endeavors:

Educating and improving the lives of the coffee farmers they do business with.
  • Establishing schools and hiring tutors
  • Providing impoverished farming communities with medical care and cancer screening
Supporting farmers by preserving local ecosystems and natural environments.

Work towards a greener future by developing the first LEED Gold certified coffee roasting facility.
  • Reduced natural gas and energy consumption by 40%
  • Build with recycled materials
Organic Certification.

Actively engaged with the Rainforest Alliance.

    By upholding these values for so long, they have earned recognition as a philanthropic and environmentally
    dynamic enterprise.

    For more information about Peet’s Coffee & Tea, visit:

    For more information about LEED, visit: