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Clinton River Water Festival to educate, entertain local fifth-graders

Monday, May 17, 2010
Clinton River Water Festival to educate, entertain local fifth-graders
By David Sanders, student writer

Oakland University’s Department of Pre College Programs is set to host the Fourth Annual Clinton River Water Festival for fifth-grade students from the Clinton River Watershed Community schools in Oakland County from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Friday, May 21, on Oakland’s campus.

The festival helps students learn about the central role that the Clinton River, and water in general, play in the region. Presenters will speak on topics that include storm water, wastewater treatment, soil erosion, wetlands, creeks and streams, habitat and sources of pollution.

This year promises to be the largest festival yet, with event organizers expecting as many as 1500 participants.

“Our goal with the festival is to supplement students’ science curriculum and to hopefully enhance what they are learning in their science classes,” said Reginald McCloud, director of Pre-College Programs and festival chair.

Emphasizing hands-on activities and interactive presentations, students will be exposed to an assortment of indoor and outdoor sessions throughout the day.

The Oakland community is invited to participate in a variety of volunteer positions.

Event sponsors include Great Lakes Guardians, Waste Management, the city of Auburn Hills, Clinton River Watershed Council and the Water Resources Commissioner’s Office.

Preparation for the event will require closing the university’s P1 and P2 parking lots.

Additionally, traffic is expected to be very heavy on Meadow Brook Road from the traffic circle north to W. Oakland Drive. OU police are recommending that faculty, staff, students and visitors park in the P3, P5 or P11 lots.

For more information, view the festival’s website.